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MCCAA Men's Basketball National Tournament Apperances

Ancilla College 2018-19 II 8th
St. Clair County Community College 2018-19 II 0-2
Delta College 2017-18 II 4th
Grand Rapids Community College 2017-18 II 8th
Grand Rapids Community College 2016-17 II 6th
Macomb Community College 2016-17 II 1-2
Lansing Comunity College 2015-16 II 5th
Schoolcraft College 2015-16 II 1-2
Schoolcraft College 2014-15 II 6th
Lansing Community College 2014-15 II 7th
Wayne County Community College District 2013-14 II 5th
Lake Michigan College 2013-14 II 0-2