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2019-20 MCCAA All-Academic Teams

Muskegon CC Women's Cross Country 3.76
Muskegon CC Women's Track 3.65
Schoolcraft College Softball 3.64
Macomb CC Softball 3.63
Lansing CC Softball 3.58
Mott CC Softball 3.56
Muskegon CC Men's Track 3.55
Delta College Men's Golf 3.52
Jackson College Women's Cross Country 3.50
Henry Ford College Golf 3.48
Kalamazoo Valley CC Baseball 3.37
Mott CC Golf 3.36
St. Clair County CC Softball 3.36
Kalamazoo Valley CC Women's Basketball 3.35
Mott CC Women Cross Country 3.34
Kalamazoo Valley CC Softball 3.33
Macomb CC Women's Basketball 3.33
Grand Rapids CC Women's Cross Country 3.32
Jackson College Softball 3.32
Kellogg CC Volleyball 3.32
Mott CC Baseball 3.30
Mott CC Men Cross Country 3.29
Oakland CC Softball 3.29
Schoolcraft College Baseball 3.29
Jackson College Men's Bowling 3.28
Kellogg CC Women's Soccer 3.28
Grand Rapids CC Volleyball 3.25
Lake Michigan College Baseball 3.25
St. Clair County CC Men's Golf 3.25
Delta College Softball 3.24
Delta College Women's Soccer 3.24
Grand Rapids CC Golf 3.23
Kellogg CC Women's Basketball 3.23
Lansing CC Volleyball 3.22
Muskegon CC Women's Soccer 3.20
Jackson College Women's Basketball 3.19
Jackson College Baseball 3.19
Kellogg CC Baseball 3.19
Mott CC Volleyball 3.19
Muskegon CC Baseball 3.19
Grand Rapids CC Women's Basketball 3.18
Grand Rapids CC Women's Basketball 3.18
St. Clair County CC Women's Cross Country 3.18
Muskegon CC Men's Golf 3.18
St. Clair County CC Men's Cross Country  3.17
Muskegon CC Softball 3.17
Lansing CC Men's Cross Country 3.11
Muskegon CC Volleyball 3.11
Ancilla College Women's Bowling 3.10
Jackson College Women's Soccer 3.10
Mott CC Men Basketball 3.10
Glen Oaks CC Baseball 3.08
Jackson College Volleyball 3.08
Kalamazoo Valley CC Volleyball 3.08
Lansing CC Women's Basketball 3.07
Grand Rapids CC Men's Cross Country 3.06
Grand Rapids CC Men's Cross Country 3.06
Lake Michigan College Softball 3.06
Lake Michigan College Volleyball 3.05
Oakland CC Golf  3.05
Mott CC Women Basketball 3.04
Schoolcraft College Men's Soccer 3.04
Schoolcraft College Women's Soccer 3.03
Schoolcraft College Women's Bowling 3.03
Ancilla College Men's Golf 3.01